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Tar Isteach
   North Belfast Republican Ex-Prisoners
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244 Antrim Road


BT15 2AR

Accessing Prison Records
Political Ex-Prisoners sacked
2nd Report of Ex-Prisoner Review Panel
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Tar Isteach
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Tar Isteach
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Tar Isteach Support Services
 Welfare Rights Advice, Counselling, Training & Youth Services
The Group was set up republican ex-prisoners to provide integrated support services for republican ex-prisoners and their families in the north Belfast area, including;
A Welfare Rights/Benefits Advice Service on all aspects of welfare rights benefits, housing, debt and money management, health and disability, bereavement support and pathways to employment advice. 
A Counselling and Emotional Support Service, for all aspect of mental and emotional health and well being. 
A Youth Project providing programmes of Personal Development, Active Citizenship, Multi-Culturalism & Art, Healthy Living, and Peer Mentoring.
Training and Education Programmes, and employment guidance for ex-prisoners and their families in the north Belfast area. 

Tel: 02890746665

Fax: 0289074967
Iarchimí Poblachtanacha Thuisceart
Bhéal Feirste Chomhairle Tréadchúram,
Comhairlíocht  Traenáil agus Seirbhí
sí óige
Tel: 02890746665
Fax: 0289074967
North Belfast Republican

Welfare Rights Advice,
Training & Youth Services

The Group lobbies on behalf of ex-prisoners and their families and carries out its own research and assists research projects investigating the experiences of ex-prisoners their families and issues affecting them. 
The Group is working to bring about change and improve the social and economy conditions for ex-prisoners and their families in some of the most deprived areas of north Belfast. 
The project attempts to address needs and social exclusion by its support services, by informing, by guidance, and by internal and external referrals systems linked to community networks and statutory bodies and agencies.

 The Group is established for the advancement of education, the relief of poverty, the relief of unemployment and to promote the protection  and  preservation of health among ex-prisoners and their families in North Belfast and its environs and in particular:
To provide counselling, emotional support, training and education for ex-prisoners and their families, and practical support to such families which are in need as result of their economic or social circumstances, which will assist in the resettlement of ex-prisoners and help in their reintegration into society and relieve unemployment among ex-prisoners and their families;
To organise recreational, educational and other leisure-time activities in the interests of social welfare for the ex-prisoners and their families;
 To provide information, training and practical support to charitable ex-prisoners' community groups in the area of benefit in an effort to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

His legal team argued that he was unlawfully and irrationally deemed unsuitable for a job he had carried out for nearly 20 years.

They also contended that the move was based on an earlier decision taken by Mr Robinson during his tenure as Finance Minister back in 2007 that should have gone before the full Executive.

The court heard the guidance was formulated as part of the Good Friday and St Andrew's political agreements, and adopted by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) before Mr Robinson decided it should not apply.

It was claimed under Stormont rules the then Finance Minister should have taken the issue to the Executive because it was significant, controversial and cut across departments.

Counsel for Neeson said Sir Nigel Hamilton, a former head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, appeared to be unaware the guidance had been revoked when he gave evidence to the Finance and Personnel Committee in 2012.

Ruling on the case today, Mr Justice Maguire said the decision to dis-apply the May 2007 guidance clearly related to a controversial and/or significant matter - the reintegration of former prisoners with conflict related convictions into the world of employment.

He held that Mr Robinson had breached the Ministerial Code because the matter should have been brought before the Executive Committee.

The judge added that he had no hesitation in concluding that the decision was one which no reasonable authority could lawfully have arrived at.

"On the facts of this case declaring the applicant unsuitable for employment flies in the face of being a rational decision," he said.

On that basis he quashed the decision and called on the Department to reconsider the matter - ideally by a senior official with no previous involvement in the case.

Political ex-prisoner Martin Neeson wins Stormont legal battle over sacking, high court rules

A High Court judge quashed a decision to stop a political ex-prisoner continuing to work as a groundskeeper.

Outside court Neeson's solicitor, Niall Murphy of KRW Law, said: "This judgment is a resounding exoneration for the citizenship rights of the ex-political prisoner community.

"The decision made by the Civil Service to render Mr Neeson unsuitable to cut the grass in Poleglass has been declared irrational by the court."

Mr Murphy added: "That the judgment also declares that Peter Robinson breached the Ministerial Code is also a matter of grave concern."

Mr Justice Maguire also held that former Finance and Personnel Minister Peter Robinson breached the Ministerial Code in a case brought by west Belfast man Martin Neeson.

On Tuesday, he ruled that the Stormont department should now reconsider Neeson's suitability for a job he carried out for 19 years.

Lawyers for the 58-year-old political ex-prisoner declared the verdict a "resounding exoneration" for him and others in his position.

He is also now expected to secure damages for his loss of employment. Neeson's judicial review challenge centred on an alleged failure to continue with guidance for employers on recruiting staff with conflict-related convictions.

Arrested when aged 16 he was released from jail in 1987 after serving eleven-and-a-half. 

Following his release he secured groundskeeper work with a conservation charity in the Poleglass area of Belfast.

The Judgement
But due to a technical change in the body's contractual relationship with the civil service he had to undergo security vetting.

Checks carried out by Access NI resulted in the Department of Finance and Personnel deciding in December 2014 that he is unsuitable to continue in the role.
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